Sunday, December 1, 2013

Leaving the Nest

Sometimes when you are making a gift for someone, you need to keep it under wraps lest the secret gets out. At the same time you appear as if you aren't doing anything, even though you are very busy. So it was with this gift quilt for my niece Big "C".

In the spring I found this Spring House pattern by Stephanie Ryan. It is a flying goose pattern. This is a pattern I wanted to try, but I had no need for another quilt project at the present time. I filed the pattern for the future. In June I learned Big "C" and couple of friends were making plans to room together and move out on their own. Leaving the nest?!?!?

I immediately thought of this pattern and the pun it intended. It would be a wonderful house warming gift, especially since the new place has a roof top access. What better way to extend the outdoor season wrapped in a warm quilt!

I was told the move date would be October. So 4 months to piece and hand quilt. It was doable,with Butterfly Love quilt taking the back seat along with most other projects. I picked bright warm colors to suit her personality and a simple linear trace up and down geese for the quilting. A few geese have nipped beaks or wing tips, but all are free flyers. It has a scrappy back because I loved the elephants so much I couldn't pass them up just because there was not enough fabric for the entire. I finished it at the end of September.

Butterfly Love is still on the quilting rack. In January I pre-signed and dated it to complete metamorphosis from fabric pieces to quilt in December 2013. 29 days and counting and possible New Year's resolution - take better pictures :)...

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