Monday, September 30, 2013

Flowers and Parsely for Butterflies

I am working on quilting the Big R's butterfly quilt. I decided to to do a continuous trail of connecting flowers. I made a template.

I have the one corner to complete. After I stitch around each butterfly. I'll fill in the gaps with little flowers. I'm still on track for my December deadline.

Two caterpillars are last signs of summer enjoying the parsley. An orb weaving spider entertained us with her housecleaning when she removed the fallen leaves from her web.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Summer Dress

Summer is coming to an end and I finished my summer dress in time. It is a pink floral lawn which I originally bought for Little C, but it was too light weight to take the stress of smocking. It is perfect for this Vogue 1152 by Rebecca Taylor.

I learned a new technique - invisible zipper on the side seam. This went in very easily and looks, well, invisible.This zipper is easier than a regular zipper. I also lowered the front hem to make the dress have a even seam all around. I prefer it longer in the front.

Once the bodice was together I put it on my new dress form helper, Faye, to work on setting the sleeves. It was not easy to get the dress on Faye since her shoulders are wide and fixed. The side seam opening is just barely wide enough to pass over. I have no problem getting the dress on. People must bend just right. After putting it on Faye I said "Yikes! Your dial is showing!"

I could tell from the pattern envelope it was low cut, but it is really low cut. I made an insert from the suede material I used for piping.

The back has an elastic fit. After I set to fit my back, which runs small. There was too material and it forms a puffy gather. If I had realized this I would have taken off an inch or so fabric from the center so there would less gathered. Problem solved with long hair. :)

The last hurrah for summer. Now is time for orb weavers building webs in your kitchen window and one last swallowtail caterpillar in the parsley.