Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Advent Calendars

The tree is decorated - nearly. There are still 3 boxes of ornaments still unwrapped, about 100 more ornaments. We counted one year and there are over 350 ornaments. The general consensus is nobody will notice and the Butterfly Love quilt needs binding, so I agree.

I love advent calendars. The wonderful way to mark each step in the preparation of this joyful holiday. Growing up we have a paper one with the religious Christmas story and sometimes ones with little chocolates in the molded plastic tray. My sisters and I each had a "Days Til Christmas". Each night we would untie a bow until the Christmas Eve.

The poem reads:
"Days Til  Christmas"

Each night, after prayers 
have been said,

Untie one bow,
then into bed.

Then St. Nicholas comes
you can tell,

It's the night that
you come to the bell.

My kids have had Lego advent calendars. Several years ago my Mom gave us one with little ornaments. Instead of adding these to the tree. (I am sure there is space. ). I designed an advent calendar to display them. I drew the tree and figured out the pocket size, randomly labeled the pockets.


This is their favorite - the dead snowman.

This year my sister K3, the queen of paper crafting, made this wonderful advent calendar using Stampin' Up.

Each little door has either a dark chocolate kiss or peanut butter bell. Advent is so much better than Lent - chocolate is practically required. :)

Preparing for Christmas can be hectic, but an advent calender reminds you a little bit each day and you'll be ready.

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