Sunday, August 11, 2013

And then There Were None

We plant parsley to share with the Swallowtail butterflies. As caterpillars they don't share very well due to their large appetites.

Earlier this season we had two caterpillars which didn't do too much damage. Recently we had a second batch which consisted of at least 8. Here are some in their immature phase.

After a while they started to disappear. I am not sure where they went. I did see one fall victim to one of those squishy jumpy spiders. The spider snapped up the little caterpillar with its mandibles. No picture because he jumped under cover when I stuck the camera in his space.

Here they are reaching maturity. You can see four caterpillars.

A few days later there were only three. Food was getting scarce so the littlest one struck out on his own. Here he is leaving the pot, but we don't know where he went.

Later the largest had found the last leaf. He is on the left and the middle sized one is on the right.

Then the middle one took off. He did a couple of laps on the rim of the basil and disappeared.

Checking on them later, we discovered the big one was gone. Sorry state this parsley is in, put certainly easier to weed.

A week later the parsley has made a comeback. We don't know where our caterpillars are hiding. Yesterday we saw two dancing around, but I don't think they are ours since they need 2 weeks to pupate.