Monday, December 29, 2014

December 42 Quilts Modern Monday Finish

I finally finished the last 6 squares I planned to do from this set. I think they are more busy than modern.

Block 20: Shoo  fly - not very wonky.

Block 23: Chinese coins - the link on the site went to a different square so I did my own thing.

Block 36: 4H - far too busy to notice the "H"s.

Block 45: Monument - it looked like a birthday cake to me so I made mine look like one. 

Block 57: Piano keys - colorful.

Block 26: The Cross - a very simple design.

Now I have enough squares to complete 4 new placements.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

November Bee Block - Flying Geese at The Gates

Tatiana's bee block was inspired by the Christo's 2005 installation in Central Park - the gates. The fabric chosen is from the Cotton & Steel line. It is dynamic yet minimalist. My block assignment was the flying geese pattern, whatever style I'd liked. Tatiana gave several links for inspiration. Although I never saw the installation in person I have seen many photos which gave me the impression the wings on the gates fluttered in a circular motion. I wanted my block to a similar feel that the geese we spinning free.

The block is 16 1/2 inches. The fabric is very pretty with metallic printing which makes it shimmer. My photos are too bright to see the full effect.