Monday, December 30, 2013

Butterfly Love -Third Quilt

As I walked through my garden
I saw a butterfly light on a flower.
His wings were pink and purple:
He spoke a small word . . .
It was Follow!

-Hilda Conkling

Butterfly Love was completed on time! It is a beautiful purple with a bit of green for Big R. For this quilt I used a handmade flower stencil to do the hand quilting. 

On my last quilt I was having trouble with the mitered corners of the binding and connecting the two ends smoothly. I found this tutorial at Valerie Custom Quilts which was extremely helpful and gave me the results I wanted.

Big R picked out the spunky backing which is a great compliment to the traditional front.

The batting is bamboo fiber. It is thin and very warm, but I found it difficult to quilt. I am not sure if it was the fiber or the glue for iron-on fusible. I prefer safety pin basting skip the fusible batting next time. 

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