Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Paris Original

What have you been sewing these last 6 weeks?

Big R is dancing in her school's musical production, "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying". I volunteered to sew costumes. There was only one sewing project this year, dresses for the Paris Original number. In a nutshell, in this scene Rosemary is going to a party and is going to wear her one of a kind Paris Original dress. Lo and behold when she arrives, everyone is wearing the same dress!. (Good reason to avoid ready to wear or the featured outfit in popular catalogs - nothing worst then seeing your outfit on someone else - looking better.)

The costume director chose a lovely fitted bodice, right arm drape, fully gathered (with under netting) dress. Every classy Paris dress. The Director was thinking 30 girls on stage in this dress for this number. The other sewing mom and I took home cut out fabric. Five hours of sewing and one dress is made, but the bodices were not fitted nor was the zipper or hem done. I managed to make 2 dresses that week. The next Saturday, they are now thinking only 25 girls in the number. I mentioned the two sewing Moms work full time and each dress was 5 hours of construction and so that really wasn't going to happen (I am spending 3 days a week at hockey and have the hassles of being a Girl Scout Cookie Mom.) It was decided that 10 girls would be just fine in that number. So much fabric was needed the costume director ordered it on line. Absolutely wonderful idea expect the dye lot was noticeable different on the new fabric. She ended up driving to all the JoAnn's in Central and South Jersey and a few in Philly to get enough. (Glad that wasn't my job). A few of the arm drapes where cut out backwards and there was no more fabric, she said there are few JoAnn's in North Jersey she hadn't visited yet... I said I think there enough scrapes that I can piece it - it just a costume isn't it? Using my sewing skills I hid the seam in the drape, you'd never know. :)

The girls tried on the dresses and alternation were made and zippers inserted - another hour or so per dress. Last Saturday was the costume check on stage for the Director. The girls loved their dresses. They looked great on stage. I heard the girls were so happy with their dresses they posted photos on Facebook.Certainly makes it worth all the hassle. So here it is a Paris Original in need of a hem, trimmed netting and pressing.

Here is that lovely arm drape...