Monday, August 25, 2014

Charity Baby Quilt

My quilt guild is making 20 baby quilts for a center for new moms. I did not piece this quilt. I machine quilted it. A first for me. I ask for one that would look good with straight lines. Here it is.

Next, machine binding so it can hold up to multiple washings. Another first.

Machine quilting is okay. Maybe the straight lines were too monotonous. My machine binding is crooked. I'm not sure how people keep the back even. I did listen to the last episode of History Detectives and two episodes of Secrets of the Dead. If I hand quilted I would have listened to all the episodes of Secrets of the Dead and finished 2 months instead of two days! :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Hockey Sweater

This isn't a Hockey Sweater but rather a sweater make at hockey. The pattern is Miette. The pattern is at Untangling Knots . The yarn is Ashley by Yarn Bee. It is from Hobby Lobby. The color is Pale Aqua. It is 56% wool 44% polyester blend. I started this project in November at the start of the Winter Hockey season and finished in June at the end of the Spring Hockey season. It is not a complicated pattern so it works well when one eye is on the action in the rink.

The pattern is close fitted. I prefer tailored, to tight. If I made it again I would leave out the front bust darts so it would have a looser fit.

I love the knit from the top down with no seams. I lengthened the arms to full length sleeves and need to lengthen the bodice 2 inches because I prefer it at my waist. It is a top down knitting  pattern which allowed me to try on the sweater to see if it fit. So much better than holding pieces up to your body.

After I finished my Michael Miller quilt, I added the buttons. Some how I miss read the directions and the button holes are backward. The top to buttons are two close and the bottom on is to high. Oops!

I can tell you wool is very warm in the summer. I planning on knitting a cotton sweater this hockey season. I am still searching out patterns and yarns. Only 4 weeks to till we are back at the rink!