Sunday, January 12, 2014

Modern Quilt Squares

My Quilt Guild is doing a Quilt Along of make blocks designed by 42 Quilts for her Modern Monday project. Modern quilt designs are new for me. I find this project intriguing. The plan is to do 6 blocks a month and end with a quilt top at the end of year. I have no need for another quilt at this time, so I have decided to pick through my scraps and make 6 coordinating blocks which will be sewn into a place mat. At the end of the year I will have six reversible, mismatched place mats. This is no problem because place mats are always in the wash and the table is mismatched.

After making these blocks my first reaction is a lot of fabric waste. Some shapes are made larger then needed and then trimmed to get the right look. There is a learning curve to this - which is my challenge. Here are the blocks:

Block 1 - Crossroads

This block looks like logs on an algae pond. After piecing this block needed to be trimmed to 6-1/2". It was recommended to use same size clear plastic ruler. I don't have one and made a 6-1/2" paper template and guessed it looked about right. This tool would be very helpful.

Block 2 - Log Cabin
Oops! That little window should be in the upper right hand corner. Somehow I was turned around when figuring out where the long and short sides fit.

Block 3 - Rail Fence
Four logs floating on an algae pond. Purple would have been a better choice the green are two similar and don't provide a gradient effect - which I was hoping for. Also I made one of the logs a little to wide so I'll lose the green stripe when it is joined.

Block 4 - Churn Dash
This is a fun one. It took three tries to get figure out how to trim the block so the slant showed up. The first two times I squared the block to the purple side cutting off the wonky angle created by the brown.

Block 5 - Sawtooth Star 
This one was hard. The pieces were over sized so they could be trimmed. It was difficult to "see" the final picture to know what to cut.

Bock 6- Mosaic
This one would have been much easier if the squares were cut to 2-1/2" and then the triangle was added at what ever angle you wanted. Making them 3-1/2" and trimming to 2-1/2" seems wasteful to me.

It was fun but a little frustrating. A 6-1/2" clear plastic ruler would make it sizing much easier.A possible place mat layout.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

2013 Finished

After completing Butterfly Love there were two outstanding 2013 projects: Diagonal Madness quilt top and the pink socks. Both were completed before December 31 (Yippee!).

Diagonal Madness was an interesting adventure. According to the directions the nine patch border was going to be too big and would need trimming. In my case it was too small and I needed 3 extra 9 patches. I am not sure where I went wrong, but it is finished.

Digging through my scraps I found enough material to make a backing - complete incoherent and non matching fabrics, sticks with the madness theme. It is really ugly and doesn't deserve a photo. It is pin basted and ready for quilting.

Pink socks were another adventure - yarn was too thick so I needed to go down to 000 needles to get the correct gauge. I did not try to match the stripes since I had only one very large skein. I started the second  where the first left off. Some how by luck the stripes matched up after the toes.

January's project is the pants. I never started them. Too many December distraction. They are the first project for 2014.