Monday, September 29, 2014

Emergency Wallet

Yikes! My wallet was getting old and I was thinking about replacing it, but never found anything a liked. Poof! the stitching on seams gave out. Amy Butler's book "Style Stitches" there is an checkbook cover. A search up the internet and I found a way to tweak the pattern and add some credit card pockets. I used a tutorial from That *Darn* Kat for a quilted wallet with credit card holders. A little math to shrink it down and a little finger crossing that I am guessing correctly and I converted a check book cover to a new wallet.Using fabric from my other Amy Butler bag and its pal. I made the wallet.

In hindsight the wallet should be half inch wider (to accommodate the width of the credit cards) and an inch longer (to accommodate the bulk when it is folded).

Between medical, credit and store cards there is not enough room in my compact wallet. I made Key Keeper Coin Purse for to hold the spill over for the less frequently used cards. Now I know why so many people rattle off their phone numbers instead of carry cards.

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