Monday, July 21, 2014

Michael Miller Fabric Challenge - Pinwheels

I have completed the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge. I named my quilt "Pinwheels". It is a 45 x 51 inch baby quilt.

 It is my first modern quilt. The solid fabric is from JoAnn's and border is from the challenge fabric.

It is hand quilted using size 20 pearl cotton. My design idea was to give the illusion of wind spinning the pinwheels.

This thread  is too thick for a regular quilting needle so I could not use my hoop.

Instead I used a running stitch and "oven mit" method to hold the fabric.

I used Mountain Mist batting. It puffier then other batting I have used, but still has a soft drape and is very light weight..

Big R said "You finished another quilt? Aren't quilts suppose to take a long time." For me, the answer is "yes". But if you spend all your spare hours (and are lucky pond hockey is now at the prep school with a clean lobby) you can make one "quickly". It also helps the challenge deadline was extended a month.:)

I joined the quilt bee with my guild. It will be piecing blocks for a while. My turn is not until June. There will be no more quilts this year.

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  1. Great job! The quilting so beautifully compliments the piecing. Hope you'll bring it to the August meeting! :)