Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pink Pansy

My niece, Little 'C', is starting school in the fall. Such a momentous occasion deserves a good dress. Especially for a little girl who loves dresses. I have chosen Gail Doane's "Sky Blue" from her book "So Cute Couture". It has a full smocked bodice with embroidered flowers at the waist. I have a pale pink fabric with purple pansies.


The embroidery is a combination of cast-stitch bows and flowers and bouillon roses. The cast-stitch was rather frustrating since it keep twisting, even though I keep straightening the thread. I needed to hand tack the bow down so it would lay straight. Bouillons are so much easier.


Next step: make contrasting piping and smock little sister's dress. You can't give one girl a new dress and not the other. :)

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