Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pink Pansy and Fioretti in the Mail

Pink Pansy and Fioretti are completed and in the hands of the USPS with expected delivery on Monday. Yippee!, if they arrive on time since I did the mailing via self service kisok at the post office.

Here they are:

I am worried that Pink Pansy is going to be too big, and then when she grows it to fit it, it will be too short. This is just me worrying because if she loves the dress she won't care that it isn't perfect. 

The sleeves set very nicely and the contrasting piping looks nice. The buttons are the same fabric, but it is hard to as the contrast in the photo is is poor.

The hot pink piping is just perfect for Fioretti. 'V' is petite. It should fit.

   I like my dresses to look as good on the inside as the outside. Fioretti wasn't designed with a lining to cover the smocking so you see those messy knots. Pink Pansy has a nice lining. I think the lace edging is a nice touch. None of the dresses I made for Big 'R' suggested this finishing.


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